Casper Beyer Developer, Designer


ECMAScript 6 Features and Tools

ECMAScript 6 "Harmony" is the upcoming version of the ECMAScript standard, the standard previously said to be ratified in late 2013, is now targeting ratification in late 2014. However, even tho it is not standardized yet, it has gone into a feature freeze and most of the proposed features have stabilized, so it is reasonably safe to start using it today. With that in mind let us examine some of its new language features, library changes and available tools for using it today.

JavaScript Game Development - Managing States

Unlike an application, which typically only has one state of execution where you have your data and manipulate it with various tools and operations, games, even a simplistic one, often has several distinct states of execution. If we use the classic pong as an example we can identify five unique states of execution the game goes through, the loading state, a title state, a playing state, a pause state and a game over state.